NetApp Training

Zerowait believes an informed customer is a happy customer. That's why we offer training services - at your site or ours. We'll teach you what you need to know to install and maintain your equipment. While we prefer to train at our lab (where you can learn without interfering with your production equipment), we understand that some customers simply cannot do this, so we are prepared to travel to your site to train you in your own environment.

Typically, customers who are doing a tech refresh, data migration or storage upgrade ask our engineers to spend an extra day or two on site to train them on the latest techniques and best practices we see in the field. Our engineers will train your tech staff so they will be able to maintain your storage infrastructure reliably and affordably for years to come.

Some customers prefer to spend a couple of days at a time in our labs working with our equipment to familiarize themselves with how to put different component parts together. Most filers have many similar parts, and learning what works with which filer can save you a bundle over the lifetime of your storage infrastructure.

A trained staff can save your company substantial money on your storage purchases. With Zerowait training, your staff will understand why and which parts need to be upgraded and how to negotiate to get the best deal when you are purchasing new equipment from the manufacturer.

Whether your staff is responsible for allocating funds for your storage requirements or maintaining and supporting your legacy storage infrastructure, Zerowait training will provide them with the knowledge to get the most performance for the dollar.