Tech Refresh

Refresh services save you money and maintain your high availability storage. Replacing computer systems that are rapidly becoming obsolete can be an expensive and difficult task. Why replace when you can refresh your systems with new components right from the OEM? Are you tired of seeing your reliable, high availability storage systems become scrap simply because the vendors came out with new models and marketing campaigns?

  • Upgrading provides significant cost savings compared to the purchase of new technology that will often require staging and configuration prior to onsite installation.
  • Upgrading extends the lifespan of your backup software, which often needs to be changed with newer models of equipment
  • Upgrading saves your budget which reduces capital, infrastructure costs, and retraining costs.
  • Transferable software and protocol licenses provide all the benefits of new hardware at a fraction of the cost from the OEM.
  • Zerowait can provide increased flexibility and storage scalability in a time of tightening IT budgets allows you to invest in your workforce.
  • Zerowait provides extensive monitoring and parts replacement options to fit your budget and uptime requirements.