Can I get a ZPA without sending logs?

We do offer ZPAs to customers who cannot send us autosupport logs. Normally this is because of internal company/organization security reasons. However, we do still need an inventory of what is covered so that we will know if the part is eligible for RMAs. Therefore, in lieu of logs, we request for each system to be covered, a list of:
  • Head unit type with serial number and system ID.
  • Shelves attached to the specific head unit, with types and serial numbers.
  • Drives attached to the specific head unit, with types and serial numbers.
  • Model and count of any PCI adapters in the system.
Here is a full list of commands that will capture all the information we need

  1. Some customers type these out for us, others cut and paste from the logs. Obviously the latter is quicker. Please do not send as a PDF; TXT or XLS is best.
  2. Drive serials and models (X274, etc) are in the section sysconfig –a.
  3. Shelf serial numbers can be found in the Environmental section of the log and also on the outside back flange of the shelf. Each shelf has two Serials: the external SN begins with SH; the internal (from the log) begins with OPS. If you can get the Environmental section of the log (environment status all), that will also provide us with serials for the power supplies and loop connection modules (ESH4, ESH2, etc).
  4. The command sysconfig –ac will give a list of adapters and which slots they are in, but the sysconfig –a also has similar data in it.
  5. For ZPA quoting only, we do not need the serial numbers for the shelves and drives. Just counts of each type is sufficient.

  6. It is important that the shelves, drives be listed with their associated head units. We put each filer system in the database as a record. This is particularly critical if filers have different technical contacts and RMA shipping addresses.

    Additionally, since we would not have the logs to prove system health, we will need written confirmation from the customer that all systems and components listed are working at time of ZPA start. This can be in an email or can be more formal if the customer wishes.

    Finally, if you know you will not be able to send us logs at all, either for the quote or the ZPA itself, we would prefer that you let us know when requesting a quote.